Rumblings of Change


The mountains north of Mithral Hall are wild, but I have wandered this way before. I had not, however, had to make my way while trying to protect and guide an entire village’s worth of people with a massive army nipping at our heels.

May I never have to do such again.

We marched through snow, storms and night, hounded by wolves and even stumbling into ambushes set by advance scouts. Though the villagers were hardy even by my standards, many of the young and old were nearly dead on their feet by the time we reached safety… or at least un-trusting protection from the dwarves that guarded the border. But between the murderous orcs, giants and wolves at our backs- not forgetting the dragon that taunted from the sky from time to time- and the suspicions of Mithral Hall, I can see why the villagers would choose the latter.



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