Rumblings of Change


We found ourselves armed and freed from our cell, but one of our jailers had fled and had activated some magical trap that held us trapped in the few rooms adjacent to our cell. Fortunately, Ulthgar was able to use a blessing of his god to move past the trap with a few in tow, but for a long time, while they toiled to find and disarm the controls for our prison, Lowe and I turned to hammering our way out directly through a wall. The going was slow and, ultimately not needed as my friends managed to bypass the trap and let us out.

And what awaited us? More dwarven slaves, but this time backed up by massive spiders and driders, twisted drow creatures merged with spiders in what I would assume is mockery of their goddess. We managed to cut these creatures down and even found our armor, but we still do not know how deep in these dungeons we are or what forces remain between us and freedom.



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