Rumblings of Change

Memoirs of Kosh

On the Morals of Heroes

Murder murder murder murder. It’s not what we do, it’s what we are. We adventures and heroes. We murder to save people. We murder for their magic items. We murder because they look different. We murder because they are evil. We murder for power. We murder because we can. At least that is how it seems. These are the laws of what we can murder:

Anything that is irredeemably evil. Goblins. Orcs. Ogres. Giants. Drider. Duegar. Fallen Angels. Demons. Yet somehow not all Drow are irredeemably evil. Some are good even… so we have to check if they are evil before we can murder them. More then that, we have to check if they are up to no good currently before we can murder them! How troublesome.

Yet… they are still redeemable. As are humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, haflings. They may have some evil in their ranks, but they are considered the redeemable races, so ones we can’t murder out right… even if they are evil. They have to be up to no good before we get to murder them. How troublesome.

Have you noticed a pattern? It is the ‘ugly’ races that are irredeemable, and thus free to kill, and the ‘pretty’ races that are redeemable, so thus one has to be sure they are evil AND up to no good to kill them. Seems a bit racist, don’t you think? Just because an orc is ugly, they are irredeemable? Can there not be a good orc, or even a tribe of good orcs? Could not there be good orcs among the armies now, fighting for their families, doing what is considered ‘evil’ not because they want to, but because they have to? Or at the very least they were brought up to be so. Could there not be hope for their bloodline?

According to the world no. They are irredeemable, and thus fit for slaughter. Is that fair? Is that right? Should we care? Either way we still get to fight and murder, and isn’t that what we all really want as heroes?

I am a Paladin and a Hero. Do not worry, I am an equal opportunity Hero! I will kill anyone and anything that is evil! It’s my divine right as a Paladin! But don’t worry, at least I’m not racist…



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