Rumblings of Change


Tessara's Journal

We finally reached the final chamber of the ruins. After fighting our way through these ruins for the better part of 2 days we finally reached the end. Lowe decided to show off and leap up to the second level of the chamber, and immediately fell silent. Fael and I instead opted to go around.

After climbing the stairs to the second floor we were confronted by the remaining two Drow. (The third we confronted earlier and he had fled. After this fight I am writing about we found him unconscious and finished him off.)

I had cast invisibility on both of us, but it turned out the wizard could still see us. Lowe was standing stiff, apparently he went silent because of a hold person spell. Rather than attack us, she instead began to Monologue. Ugh.

It wasn’t all bad, we had a brief chance for our allies to get in position, and she seemed to know things about us that we ourselves didn’t. She seemed confident that we would fall “unless our parents interfere”. She may have been blowing smoke out her ass, but then again, she could know something we don’t…

Could it be possible? No, there’s no way… Alustriel certainly would have told me, right?

In any case, there was no interference, and we kicked there asses, so there’s that. We had a couple of close calls, but thankfully Ulfgar is quick with his magic.



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