Rumblings of Change

My Trusty Hammer


Today I learned that my hammer is even more trusty that I thought. If this is the sort of thing that no earthly power can possibly separate from me, may be it should have a name. I could call it something descriptive and literal like “Demon Smasher” or “Concusser.” Or something epic sounding like “Derristra,” except that sounds like a place name. Or something classic like “Carl”, perhaps it would seem more exotic if I spelled it Karle. “You shall feel the power of Karle!” I don’t know; I’ll decide later. Maybe it already has a name. If it turns out it can talk as well as teleport into my hand, I will ask it what it’s name is.

In any case these drow are going to be sorry that they messed with dwarves. Well, surface dwarves, I guess. Apparently they have had reasonable success messing with these other dwarves. This time though, they’re going to be sorry, but not for very long, because they’ll be dead.



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