Rumblings of Change

On the road to Mithril Hall

I had heard much about the battles being fought to the north between the dwarves and orcs, but it wasn’t until our dwarven friends, Lowe and his brother, arrived in town with tales of fighting on the front line and asking for aid, that I decided to journey northward and hunt. Some of my friends also decided to come; some for glory, some for profit.

We set out early in the day from Silvermoon but met only other travelers on the road. That night though Tess had the misfortune of stepping away from the camp and being set upon by a basilisk. I suppose I cannot blame her as she seems more at home in the city, but hopefully the event helped her learn. We rallied to her aid and slew the beast, then set out at dawn. During the day, I spotted a hill giant attempting to hide its bulk behind some trees and ambush travelers on the road. A large, smelly brute, but it did put up a fight when we closed in and finished it off. As far as I can tell, it was alone. Either a wandering beast or possibly a deserter from the orcish hordes to the north.

Later that day, when traveling a part of the road pressed between thick woods and a steep cliff, we found a band of orcs. They were organized and disciplined, or as disciplined as orcs can be, and were using some… abomination… to lead their charge. I aided Lowe in holding the front line, but sent Ulutu into the woods to make sure we were not being flanked by more orcs. Sure enough, he found more hiding in the trees. Diala must have followed him and helped the pup against those orcs, but the battle went poorly for her and I fear that if it had not been for Tess and our dwarven cleric, she would have fallen on the battlefield.

The thought of that, of losing her to orc blades while out here, fills me with fear and rage. She is strong and more than capable in a fight, but thinking of losing her smile and the way her nose crinkles…

Oh Meiliki, protect her as we travel.



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