Rumblings of Change

Oops ;)

Tessara's Journal

We arrived at Mithral Hall, and to say there was skepticism about our offer to help that would be an understatement. I guess… more specifically there was skepticism about me offering to help.

As much as the rest of the world have their prejudices against my kind, the dwarves have them doubly so. Ever since they were banished to the Underdark, the followers of Lolth have been almost a constant threat to the dwarves.

Thankfully, our dwarven companions were able to convince the steward that we were all competent, and here to help. We were assigned tasks by the steward, mine was to accompany the scouts.

On one of my days of scouting I spotted something rather curious. In a patch of woods there was a gathering of tents, at least one dwarven, one human and (oddly), one orc. When I asked the captain about it he dodged the question, stating that it was something that they knew about and not to worry about it.

Well, I’ve never been one to just let things go when I’m told, so I decided to continue poking the bear. Within a day we were all summoned in front of the steward again.

Apparently the dwarves are in peace talks with the orcs. This was a huge surprise to the entirety of my traveling party, and Lowe and Ulfgart especially seemed shocked. This news was quickly followed up with threats of imprisonment or worse if we were to tell anyone. Apparently I stumbled upon something really problematic for the dwarves. Oops.

We are being sent on a mission, and should we run into trouble there will be no help from the dwarves of Mithral Hall. There is a small orc clan that has been causing problems for peace talks. As it turns out, the ones that attacked us on the way to Mithral Hall were part of this clan. As it turns out, one had gotten away, so we doubled back the way we came to try and track it, see if we could find a way to track the one that got away. Corlin was able to without too much trouble, and we followed the archer until his tracks met up with others, and then we followed them. Eventually we caught up with them, attacking a group of orcs, including women and children.

We intervened, saving the orcs under assault, who fled as soon as they could. We left one of them alive, hoping he could lead us to his clan. He gave us some valuable information (Lowe and I played a bit of good guard, bad guard), and we put him out of his misery.



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