Rumblings of Change

Revelations and Raids

From the Journal of Diala

Following our victory over our drow tormentors, we finally left the wilds of the forest behind us, leaving our fallen comrade’s feral pet with her odd, but oddly fitting brother. After a brief but tense stop in Longsaddle, we picked up Aethis, whose condition had not changed. While I am saddened that the Harpells could not find a way to cure him, I am also relieved since who is to say what chaos such an attempt could unleash, both on our senseless comrade as well on themselves. We left the town behind, Aethis now with us in a cart and made our way to Waterdeep. Though my comrades think to continue on from there, I hope against hope that there we can find a cure for not just Aethis, but for Corlin.

Dear sweet, now nearly brainless Corlin. Though he retains enough of himself to know us to be friends and his skill with his sword has not lessened greatly, he is little more than an infant in a man’s body, with a man’s strength but none of the restraint he gained through experience. It is merely a matter of time before he hurts himself or someone else due to his mindless ignorance and that is something that weighs on me as I lay awake at night. Hopefully Waterdeep can restore him to me.

At one of our stops along the long road, we discovered that many of us, myself and Fael excluded all shared the same birthday. Tess raised some troubling questions, but I cannot let myself dwell on those myself. Once Corlin is restored, we can look more into her line of reasoning, but until then I shall focus on his mind before I worry about his heritage.

That night we stayed at the inn only to be awoken by a loud boom of destruction from Tess’ room. Corlin, acting on little more than instinct, rushed downstairs and I followed him, though this lead us away from Tess’ room and the source of whatever this disturbance was. Perhaps it was for the best, as later we found that Tess abandoned her room nearly from the start. In the common room below, we found ourselves facing a small force of undead. Most were shambling, mummified minotaurs, but they were being led by a faded, ghostly creature wearing armor. We managed to break their attack, either destroying our foes or sending them fleeing into the night, but found that they had pointedly started their attack by slipping into Tess’ room. That could only mean that their attack was directed specifically at us and was not, as I had hoped, been simple chance. So fresh from freeing ourselves for the nearly constant torments of the drow and now we are being targeted again? The gods seem cruel to me tonight.



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