Rumblings of Change

Something is wrong

I’ve never seen magic behave the way it is against our current foes, not firing at all, misfiring, or in a particularly embarrassing incident on my part, deflecting back at team mates. I don’t know much about these Kuruck orcs, well not really orcs exactly, more violent and mindless, I’d say and I recall mention that they’re half orc and half well, something else, honestly I don’t really care what they are, they’re causing hell for everyone, even other orcs – we found some fighting female and child orcs – we managed to save them – as far as I can tell they were innocent, even if they’re orc’s, they were clearly not there for any evil purpose – though I can clearly not say the same for the Kuruck orcs.

But all this still leaves me baffled, the Kuruck while they did have a mage with them in one of our encounters do not seem to be the arcane smart types, more brute force violent types.

So how, how are they repelling our magic so easily? My knowledge of spellcraft cannot determine any causes for these events, no anti magic zone, no counterspells or anything.

Whatever evil these Kuruck orcs are using, I fear foir us all as it appears to be something…new



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