Corlins wife


Fighter/Magic user.


Corlin met Diala on the road near Silverymoon, where she was travelling to expand her knowledge of the arcane arts. She told him that she was originally an urchin from Waterdeep, but had turned to a life of adventure and travel early in her life and had never looked back since. The two aided each other in a few adventures, both having saved the other’s life at some point. Finally, mutual trust grew into love and the two wed while passing through a smaller town near the High Forest. Since then, they have been partners in their exploits, though she has insisted on having a home near Silverymoon to house her tomes and other treasures.

Standing at 5 foot even, she is a calm but defiant woman that can give as well take a beating and can swear worse than a sailor, though she doesn’t do so normally.


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