Character Creation

This is a Pathfinder campaign and we will be doing the 25 point buy in the core rule book on page 16. We normally roll our stats but I wanted to try out this and see how it compares to that and I think this will be a more balanced character. Please don’t min/max your characters. I would like to keep stats above an 8 unless there is a good role playing reason for it to be low.

We will be limiting the source books available for characters. Anything from the Core Rule Book and the Advanced Players Guide will be fine but if you want to do something other than that talk to me and we will look at the options.

HP- Max at starting lvl as normal but after that take the hit die you will be adding and you get 1/2 Hit Die +1 hp plus your con mod

This is a Forgotten Realms setting and as such any of the races presented in that book will be allowed barring exotic ones like Sea Elves but again talk to me and we may be able to work something out.

Do not buy any gear or do anything with money. I will be talking to each of you and setting up what fighting gear you will have. You are established adventurers and have all the adventuring gear you need. Again anything out of the ordinary run it past me before you add it.

Character Creation

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