Rumblings of Change

Memoirs of Kosh, page 2

On the Heroes of Morals

The Divine Murder.

What is Murder when you are immortal? The Angel’s cannot die, nor Devil’s. From what I understand they are just sent back to their respective realms for a hundred years, or their energy is dispersed upon death, going back to the pit or cloud they came from.

It seems from this there is an eternal balance… but that is not so, for we know Angels can fall if they are not perfectly good. We have even murdered some of these ‘Angels’. Devil’s and Demon’s though, can they rise? I have never heard of a Devil rising. If they somehow do, it must be far far less common. So uncommon that it is effectively impossible.

And it turns out I may be the spawn of one of these Divine. Was it a Devil or an Angel? Was I damned from birth, or do I get a choice? And even if I did choose good, in the eternal nature of the universe, would I not eventually fall? For if all Angels can fall, given long enough, they will all fall, and from there they can not be redeemed. Are we all doomed to damnation?



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