Rumblings of Change


Tessara's Journal

I am the daughter of Eilistraee.

Were we not on our way south on a very important journey to save the life of a friend, I would have a mind to turn around at head back to Silverymoon, have a talk with Alustriel, does she know? Has she always known and if so, why didn’t she ever tell me? It would certainly explain why she took me in, and possibly also why she was always so distant…

I suppose I should back up a bit. When we were facing the drow their leader had made a comment. She claimed that she and her companions would kill us “unless [our] parents interfered”. The past few days that has stuck with me, gnawing at the back of my mind.

We made our way to longsaddle, picked up Aethis and a card to transport him, and we started southward. Our plan was to travel to Waterdeep, and from there take a ship to the next leg of our journey. In the town of Triboar we stopped to celebrate our birthdays.

Yes, birthdays. Everyone except Fael and Diala, we all have the same birthday… even Kosh. That seemed too… convenient to be merely coincidence. To the group I asked “Well, what happened 26 years ago?”

Diala was the one to answer “The time of troubles…”

I needed a moment to think, and stepped outside. I decided it was time to ask someone who knew… My sword.

“You’ve told me before you cannot reveal anything I do not already know to ask, but that you know more than I do. Am I the daughter of Eilistraee?”

The answer came back after a long pause. “Yes.”

Holy shit… I still am not sure what that means. Am I some kind of demi-god, or just a mere mortal? Is that why events have transpired, does my mother have some grand plan for me?

I didn’t have a very restful night, on top of my mind being troubled by this new revelation, we were attacked by mummies. Conspicuously right after I had run into Xil again… Something seemed off about him…



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