Rumblings of Change

Rumblings of Change

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Rumblings of Change

25 Years Ago was a time of great upheaval and strife for the world. The Gods went silent. No one knew why and no one knew how long it would last. Eventually the Gods explained a little of what happened to their followers. Lord AO (ay-oh) the Overgod of Toril and creator of the Gods banished the deities to Faerun as punishment for the many Gods that had shirked in their responsibilities. This was the first mortals had ever heard of AO and some had discovered that he has the ability to make a mortal a Deity if they would accept the responsibilities.

While on Faerun as avatars of their former selves some of the fallen gods took lovers and had children though few of the parents knew the true nature of their partners it became evident early on that the children were special. Some were stronger than normal or smarter or quicker but all have at least one aspect of their Godly parent.

You are these offspring.



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