House Rules

Character Creation

Alignments will be used however keep in mind that Lawful Good does not mean Lawful Stupid. A LG character will follow the law but is also a good person, therefore if the law is something along the lines of killing all homeless on sight the law would not be followed as it is an evil law. Keep in mind I won’t be policing you. If your alignment doesn’t allow something and if you do something against your deities beliefs you may lose access to spells or class/mythic abilities until you atone (not necessarily Atonement spell) for your actions.

Story is key. I want the guiding power behind the characters motivations to be story. Multiclassing included in this. I don’t want people taking random class levels to get specific abilities. If the character doesn’t have a story reason for taking the class please refrain. I want a physical copy of your character sheet (for those that make your character on pc) that I can look at when there are rolls needing to be made but you don’t know what is being rolled.

You will not be finding epic magic items or immense ammounts of gold on goblins and the like. They will have what you would expect on them. As such it will be a fairly low wealth campaign compared to what we are used to. You will however be getting magical goodies that you can use along the way.

House Rules

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